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Who Is Eligible to Join the AFA?
There is a common (and unfortunate) misconception that the Air Force Association is for retired officers. Not so!

We have eight different categories of individuals eligible for membership.

  • Active Duty (Enlisted & Officer)
  • Civilian (No Service with US Armed Forces)
  • Current Service US National Guard (Enlisted & Officer)
  • Current Service US Reserves (Enlisted & Officer)
  • Previous Service US Armed Forces (Enlisted & Officer)
  • Retired US Armed Forces (Enlisted & Officer)
  • Spouse/Widower, Ancestor, or Lineal Descendant of Above
  • Student
AFA Membership Facts

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Air Force Association Links

Air Force Association National Site
This is the web site the main hub of the AFA. It provides all the information for the AFA on the National Level. It also has links to all the AFA chapters throughout the world.

AIR FORCE Magazine
AIR FORCE Magazine is the monthly journal of the Air Force Association and one of the world's foremost publications in the fields of defense and aerospace. From Air Force operations, programs, and people to the exploits of Air Force heroes, the award-winning AIR FORCE Magazine reports on important aerospace news and developments, and provides authoritative background material. AIR FORCE Magazine is the reference for the Air Force and aerospace. Its special issues and features include the Air Force Almanac and Space Almanac, special aircraft, and informative charts.

Sites about Astronomy & Space

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There are many wonderful sites on the World Wide Web covering astronomy, space exploration, etc. Although we cannot guarantee their content, we have found these to be worthy of your attention.  We recommend you visit them and make your own judgments.

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
NASA's home page includes links to many of its programs and field sites.

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day
This site features a high quality image with a description of its significance, written by a professional astronomer in clear, easy to understand terms.

NASA's Mars Exploration Program
All about exploring the Red Planet.

NASA's Solar System
Explore our Solar System.

NASA's History & Principles of Aeronautics
NASA Aerospace Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology & Research (ALLSTAR) Network at the Florida International University, Miami-Dade County, FL, includes on-line lessons for students from middle school through college levels.

Space Flight Now
This site has information and pictures of launches throughout the world.  It includes day of launch updates.
See the Worldwide launch schedule here.
This is a widely viewed source of information with lots of links.

Sky & Telescope
This magazine has a site that is updated weekly.

Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory
The Bradford Robotic Telescope is a collection of telescopes and other instruments on Mount Teide, Tenerife.

Views of the Solar System
Private, educational website by Calvin J. Hamilton (see website's copyright notice).

Air University Space Primer (AU 18-1, dated September 2009)
The Space Primer is an orbital mechanics book developed for military space professionals by military space professionals. Great source for 13S and 1C6X1 personnel.

Home Planet
John Walker has created a free, comprehensive astronomy/space/satellite-tracking program for Win95/98/Me and WinNT 4.0/2000/XP.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
If you are interested in joining an astronomy club, this is the place to look.

Florida Today
This Brevard County, FL, newspaper maintains up to the minute information about American civilian and military space launches.

CNN Technology pages
The 24-hour a day news network has an excellent site on technology.

US Air Force Links

The US Air Force has a large number of excellent World Wide Web sites.  Below are some which pertain to its space and missile missions.

Air Force Crossroads
The official community web site of the United States Air Force. This is a FANTASTIC site.

U.S. Air Force
Official website of the U.S. Air Force.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
Peterson AFB, CO
Joint U.S. and Canadian command which protects the North American continent.

HQ Air Force Space Command
Peterson AFB, CO
Responsible for all USAF space & missile assets.

21st Space Wing
Peterson AFB, CO
Provides missile warning and space control to unified commanders and combat warfighters worldwide.

30th Space Wing
Vandenberg AFB, CA
Boosts satellites into orbit and operates the Western Range system for monitoring launches and related data.

45th Space Wing
Patrick AFB, FL
Boosts satellites into orbit and operates the Eastern Range system for monitoring launches and related data.

50th Space Wing
Schriever AFB, CO
Responsible for the operations and support of more than 170 Department of Defense satellites.

20th Air Force
F.E. Warren AFB, WY
Deters conflict by commanding and controlling America's ICBM force.

Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Responsible for developing new USAF weapons and space systems.

Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)
Los Angeles AFB, CA
Responsible for developing all new USAF satellites, boosters, and space support systems.

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
A repository for US military aerospace historical artifacts.

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